Update on Snowy

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Happy Monday everyone. The forever home story we are sharing with you today is especially close to our hearts. It’s about Snowy. Do you all remember Snowy? He was our Ark kitty that was blind. We put his story on Facebook and had so many people reach out to us who wanted to adopt Snowy and give him his forever home. He finally found his perfect home with Tamera.

Tamera contacted us and within just a couple of days she came and adopted Snowy. Once they got home, she gave him his forever name, Stevie Tiresias the Wonder Cat, or Stevie T. for short. We think it’s the perfect name! He is in a home full of love and attention and is the king of the house. Stevie T has come out of his shell and is loving his life. Let me tell you guys, I have never seen him sit so straight and so proud. You can just tell that he is one happy cat!

Thank you to everyone who helped him find his forever home. It’s honestly because of our great Facebook community that we have adopted out so many of our special needs cats who have been patiently waiting to go home. Please keep sharing our posts to help us reach more people and find more homes for these wonderful cats.