Certified Pre-Owned Pet Event!

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On Saturday, October 13th 2018, Ark Cat Sanctuary (in partnership with Coconino Humane Association) presents the 2018 Certified Pre-Owned Pet Event! It will be held at the PetSmart in Flagstaff (1121 S. Plaza... READ MORE

**Attention Flagstaff and Northern AZ**

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**Attention Flagstaff and Northern Arizona** Coconino Humane Association has become involved with a hoarding case and is SUSPENDING ALL OWNER SURRENDERS OF CATS at this time (09-20-18). They have taken in 517 cats... READ MORE

Tuesday Topic: Ringworm

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Despite its name, ringworm isn’t a worm at all! It’s actually a fungal infection similar to athlete’s foot that leaves a red “bulls-eye” ring of hair loss that gives the malady its name.... READ MORE