Do you want to be a foster parent?

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What does it take to foster? Whether it be kittens, mama cats, adult cats, or bottle babies your job as a foster parent is to provide a temporary home for that cat until it is ready for their furever. What you need to be a foster parent:
1. A small space for the cat/kittens. It could be a pop up playpen in your living room or even your spare bathroom. Some of our fosters incorporate healthy cats into their home. You don’t need a lot of space to foster.
2. Time and love. You need to provide some good love and care to your foster. Kittens need socialization and playtime.
3. Flexibility. Rescue can be messy so understanding that your foster is a temporary guest however long that maybe.

What the Ark provides for fosters:
1. Food- whether it be kibble or milk for kittens
2. Litter pans and litter
3. Medical supplies if required
4. Community. We have a foster coordinator who is there to help you succeed. Whether you want to just send her pictures of the kitties or discuss a problem, she is there to help you and the cat succeed.
Please consider signing up today and be a hero to the cats.

If you are interested in joining our foster team please message us or shoot us an email at