There is much helpful information about cats on the Internet, but unfortunately there is a great deal of misinformation as well. It’s difficult to know what advice is trustworthy.

We’ve listed below a number of useful articles from trusted sources; most are informational, but some are just for fun.

Cat Health InformationCat Behavior ArticlesCommunity CatsMiscellaneous
General Cat CareCommon Cat Behavior IssuesSaving Cats and Kittens with a Foster Care Program
The Cat: some interesting information from National Geographic
Feline Health Topics
Cat Behavior Problems: article from Best Friends Animal SocietyFeral Cat Shelter OptionsReasons to Adopt Adult Cats: educational cartoon strip
10 Questions Cat Vets Wish You Would Ask
Litter Box Problems
Building Winter Shelters for Community CatsCat-Scratch Disease: information on cat bites from the CDC
Routine Health Care of Cats
Destructive Scratching: article from the ASPCA
How to Conduct Trap-Neuter-ReturnCats Quotes
The Special Needs of a Senior CatAnother Destructive Scratching article, from the Humane Society of the USCat Puns
Purebred Cat Breeds with Most Health ProblemsWhy Does My Cat Scratch Everything? Article from PetFinder A reference page with a little bit of everything! (h/t to Justine Riggs for the share)
Seven Signs of a Bored Cat and Tricks to Entertain Them
Cat Behavior Answer Tool
Kitten Behavior Basics
Transitioning from Free Feeding to Meal Feeding