There is much helpful information about cats on the Internet, but unfortunately there is a great deal of misinformation as well. It’s difficult to know what advice is trustworthy.

We’ve listed below a number of useful articles from trusted sources; most are informational, but some are just for fun.

Cat Health InformationCat Behavior ArticlesCommunity CatsMiscellaneous
General Cat CareCommon Cat Behavior IssuesSaving Cats and Kittens with a Foster Care Program
The Cat: some interesting information from National Geographic
Feline Health Topics
Cat Behavior Problems: article from Best Friends Animal SocietyFeral Cat Shelter OptionsReasons to Adopt Adult Cats: educational cartoon strip
10 Questions Cat Vets Wish You Would Ask
Litter Box Problems
Building Winter Shelters for Community CatsCat-Scratch Disease: information on cat bites from the CDC
Routine Health Care of Cats
Destructive Scratching: article from the ASPCA
How to Conduct Trap-Neuter-ReturnCats Quotes
The Special Needs of a Senior CatAnother Destructive Scratching article, from the Humane Society of the USCat Puns
Purebred Cat Breeds with Most Health ProblemsWhy Does My Cat Scratch Everything? Article from PetFinder
Seven Signs of a Bored Cat and Tricks to Entertain Them
Cat Behavior Answer Tool
Kitten Behavior Basics
Transitioning from Free Feeding to Meal Feeding